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Today I blocked someone, they were saying that white people are the only race that is capable of racism, and no it wasn't even because of that weasel wordish power + influence bunk people made up like...three years ago was it? To get around calling white people mayo. It was straight up: my race was incapable of violence and predjudice before the white man stuff. You know? Blatant lies that make it look like there's a direct correlation between the colour of your skin and the levels of evil your capable of reaching.

Nonetheless, it was a petty block, mainly I did it because I didn't want to listen to some guy on the internet potentially for hours on end ignore the basic rules that I've come to accept the world exists under, more specifically, the rule that says in big flashing neon letters "EVERYONE IS CAPABLE OF DOING WRONG".  Aggravated about what I could only percieve as willful ignorance of the basic premises that govern reality I decided the best solution was to call him or her various synonyms for the word moron and without giving them time to retort blocked their racist ass. 

However not an hour later someone else did the same thing to me, accusing me of not caring about "real issues" and wanting to be treated like a "lil princess"  then blocking me without giving me a chance to defend myself. This suceeded in getting two reactions from me: 1. it made my bloodboil and 2. it made me feel guilty for not allowing that other user a chance to insult me back.

Now don't get me wrong this wasn't some big life changing revelation, I've known for quite sometime that I'm capable of hypocrisy heck it's implicit in one of the guiding tenents of my existence, the very one I mentioned at the beginning of this post: everyone is capable of doing wrong. Naturally if everyone is capable of doing wrong that would extend to myself aswell and this concept is something I try my hardest to remember espeacially when others try to make me forget.

At the same time, it's one thing to remind yourself of something and quite another to incorporate that thing into your daily life when it could potentially inconvienience you and I've long been aware that I have serious problems with doing just that. Today is just one of countless times when I find myself reminded of how easy it is to do to others what you hate being done to you. It likely won't be the last time either.

And now as is often the case I find myself once again caught between my guilty conscience and the basic if petty desire not to be bothered by things that could potentially give me a headache. On the one hand it was unfair to shout insults at someone without leaving the channel open to allow them to shout some back, as proven first hand by my recent scuffle with my own blocker it's something I myself really hate when the shoe is on the other foot. On the other I naturally find the idea of engaging with someone who genuinely believes that they can do no wrong, moreover that they can do no wrong because of how they were born, offensive to my sense of reality.

Alas, to hypocrite or not to hypcrite that's the question. 




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